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The Kraftwelle XXL tool cabinet is the ultimate solution for any professional looking for a robust and well-organized workspace. This high-quality tool cabinet not only offers impressive storage space but is also fully stocked with professional tools, ensuring you always have the right tool for any task.

Key Features:

  • 13 ball-bearing extendable drawers: The tool cabinet features 13 smooth-running drawers that can be easily pulled out without jamming, thanks to the ball-bearing guides. This provides an organized and accessible storage space.
  • 10 foam inserts filled with tools: The drawers come with 10 foam inserts, carefully filled with an extensive set of professional tools. The inserts keep the tools clean, in place, and protected from damage.
  • Stable wheels with swivel and brake function: The cabinet is equipped with stable wheels, two of which are swivel and equipped with brakes. This allows the cabinet to be easily moved on uneven surfaces and securely positioned.
  • Solid wood worktop: The sturdy solid wood worktop offers a durable and stable workspace for all your projects. It is ideal for precision work and heavier tasks.

Perfect Organization and Mobility The Kraftwelle XXL tool cabinet is designed for maximum efficiency and mobility in your workshop. Thanks to the spacious, arranged drawers and organized foam inserts, you can always quickly and easily find the tools you need. The swivel wheels with brakes ensure that the cabinet stays stable in place when needed, yet can be easily moved when necessary.

High-Quality Materials and Durability The tool cabinet is made from high-quality materials, ensuring long life and reliable performance even in the most demanding environments. The solid wood worktop is not only durable but also provides a stable surface for all your work.


  • Number of drawers: 13
  • Number of foam inserts: 10
  • Worktop material: Solid wood
  • Wheels: Stable, with swivel and brake function

The Kraftwelle XXL tool cabinet with 13 drawers is the ideal choice for any professional who values quality, organization, and mobility. Order now and experience the benefits of a perfectly organized workspace!